Under Construction

We’re Moving.

MovingPicSo my life is…Under Construction.

Those of us that are in the Army…Excuse me. Those of us that are married to people in the Army never stay in one place too long. And so it is that my time in Germany is coming to a close. I’ll be on an airplane headed for the southwest corner of Texas shortly after the new year. It’s good bye beer and bratwurst, and hello tequila and tamales. Not a bad trade.

My husband and I have already packed up all of our possesions and put them on a truck headed for a boat, that’s headed across the atlantic. Once our goods reach land they will be trucking towards the southwest corner of Texas as well. We all plan to rendevous at a new house in the middle of January to start a new chapter of our lives; me, Phil, my sewing machine, our rocking chairs, dress shoes, and favorite coffee mugs. (to name just a few cherished possesions.)

You might be wondering why I didn’t mention our snowboards. That’s because we couldn’t bear to part. The four of us are hoping to squeeze in a few last runs before we’re officially out of Dodge. That is, if the weather cooperates. It’s been the sunniest November in Germany I’ve seen yet.

In addition to all of the complications a move can bring to life, it also brings a healthy serving of setbacks for an art career. It makes the actual sales-part nearly impossible and severly stunts the production-part. For this reason I have designed a new set of priorities and responsibilities. Here’s how Florida Scarf and ART by S.C. Geraci will be acting through the next 75 days.

temporary work space

My temporary work space consists of an outdoor table covered with cardboard and an outdoor chair, by the window in an empty room.

Artwork that is for sale at www.scgeraci.etsy.com will be unavailable until the end of January. Every painting, print, and greeting card that I have ever made is currently in a box. But just because I do not have the means to sell pictures doesn’t mean I can’t make them. For the time being I will be content to take pictures, draw pictures, paint small pictures in acrylic, and share them with the public via Instagram, the Creative Blog, and the FB. I still have the children’s book illustrations, which will be an ongoing project for quite some time. I hope to complete one or two more illustrations in the next two months. And of course, I always welcome requests for custom orders. There’s quite a bit of planning and sketching that goes into a finished painting. Now is the perfect time for me to accomplish preparatory tasks.

Scarves and Hoods that are for sale at www.floridascarf.etsy.com will remain so until December 1, 2015. It is on this date that the last of my household possesions will be shipped to Texas, and I will be living out of a suitcase. Any purchases not made by December 1st will have to wait until late January. I have one last bazaar on November 13th, on base in Illesheim, from 16:00-19:00.

I appreciate your understanding in this matter. I also appreciate any attention, support, and enthusiasm you have shown for my work until this point. As frustrating as I may find this setback, and as sad as I am to move-on from all that I have created here; I look forward to regaining my momentum with the start of the new year. I plan on getting to Texas and finding all new outlets and inspirations for my creative energies.

Outdoor in GermanyIn the meantime, please stay with me as I doodle, write, and iphone-photo my way through this holiday season.