The Business Side of Things

Elk Mountain Ski Resort PennsylvaniaLately my life has been a bit more about being pregnant with twins than it has been about my art career. As I sit on the couch and read and daydream about having enough energy (and the physical capability) to work on paintings or blog posts or Etsy shops I know it isn’t forever. I also know I’ve been fortunate to have been able to pursue my art career, without interruption, for as long as I have.

The babies will be here any day now and I just can’t seem to close my Etsy shops. In fact, I have actually been adding new items to my Etsy Shop full of artwork. The act of listing new items when I’m potentially on the brink of closing for a few months seems ludicrous, but I felt the need to indulge the urge. You see, I had quite a few paintings in storage while we lived in Germany. Now that I have those paintings back in my possession I really wanted them to be offered online.

Take a minute and click the link above to see the shop. It’s open for now, but I can’t promise it will be much longer.

The Florida Scarf Shop is open for the time being as well. I will post again when the twins are born and I have decided that I am able or not to keep the shops open.

Thanks for checking in.