Butt Wipes

Butt WipesI’m expecting twins any minute now. (Figuratively speaking of course. I’m only at 33 weeks.) My time of being pregnant, and tired, and uncomfortable, and bored is winding down. My new life will soon be upon me. In the meantime I have taken to completing some last-minute crafts, like sewing my own butt wipes. I think they are much cuter than the normal white disposables. I can only hope that their cuteness will be matched by their ability to get the job done thus making my diaper changing days all the more enjoyable.

About 90% of the people I know think my husband and I are very brave for attempting cloth diapers with twins. In thinking about it I feel pretty brave too and I hope we can keep up with it. At this point our mentality is that we don’t know the difference; so we’re counting on ignorance to get us through the trials that can accompany the cloth-route.

In order to really ramp-up the intensity of the cloth scenario we have also decided to use cloth wipes. I’m already going to do laundry everyday as it is. I may as well throw the wipes in with the diapers.

The wipes were easy to make…and basically free since I used material I already had. And it was nice to have a new project for a couple of days. There are a ton of resources online for cloth success so I didn’t have any trouble figuring out what size I needed to cut and what the best materials were.

To round out my simple crafting for the babies I will also be sewing a diaper pail liner and a sheet for the pack-and-play. They are basic projects so I probably will not be blogging about them. (much to your relief I’m sure) And despite my DIY-attitude I will not be sewing any of my own diapers. That is way too many snaps and elastic. I’d just rather buy them.

Here are three (if you’re interested) online resources I used to learn the ins-and-outs of cloth diapers…

All About Cloth Diapers

The Eco Friendly Family

Cloth Diaper Geek