Notes of Magic

I just hate when I’m totally captivated by a book, its characters, and the setting, and I’m terribly thirsty for what is going to happen next…and I have to stop reading because it’s way past my bedtime and if I don’t go to sleep immediately I won’t be able to function tomorrow.

I say this because it’s exactly what happened when I tried to read this book. How burdensome it is to put a good story down when you know you aren’t getting back to it for 24 hours.

And what’s worse than that…The book has a sequel and even though there is no more to read the story isn’t over! You have to take a break for a few months, try not to obsess over the characters too much, get on with your own life, and patiently wait for the author to release more of the story.

I say I hate this, but secretly I love it. I haven’t felt this way since waiting between weekly episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I’m telling you this in order to recommend this book to you in the event that you share my sentiment.

Please don’t feel sorry for me, or worry about me. I’ll be alright. I’ll just reread this story while I wait for the next one. Albeit, a bit more slowly this time.