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Notes of Magic

I just hate when I’m totally captivated by a book, its characters, and the setting, [...]

Mount Cristo Rey

In my continued quest for adventure in El Paso I have found yet another. It [...]

El Paso Getaways

Nina and Lila recuperated nicely from all the work of the holiday season so we [...]

Dust, Cheese, and Entertainment

If you do your research about El Paso and the surrounding area (which I have) [...]

Archaeological Exposure

As a parent I willingly engage in loads of self-torment; mostly in the form of [...]

Rainbow Reminder

I’m not sure if I learn a lot from my kids, or if I learn [...]

Golden Birthday

Your golden birthday is when you turn two on the second; but what is it [...]

Rocketbuster Boots

El Paso. It never ceases to amaze me. The only city in America with a [...]

One for the Mailbox

I like getting mail. I also like giving mail. I like everything about it. Including the [...]


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my patrons; past, present, [...]

2,058 Miles in Four Days

The plan was to drive from Wyomissing to El Paso in five days, but it [...]

Van Patten’s Mountain Camp

As of May 2014, the Organ Mountains of New Mexico are officially a National Monument. [...]

Silver City

Any holiday is a great excuse to get together with family. But when you don’t [...]

White Sands

We took our first day trip as a family. Of course we’ve been on excursions [...]


It was a beautiful, crisp sunny day, about 60 degrees. The babies had just taken [...]

Babies and Museums

We took some outings with the babes this week. Actually, miniature attempts to join the [...]

Franklin Mountains

Before living in El Paso I never had a state park in my backyard before; [...]


I couldn’t help but notice that all of my friends still in Germany were festing [...]

The El Paso Rose Garden

“A rose is a rose is a rose,” said Gertrude Stein in her 1913 poem [...]

Through the Looking Glass

This is snow in the desert. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it [...]