The Outback


I prefer standing to sitting. Anyone that has been anywhere with me knows that. I don’t care about chairs. Unless it’s a chairlift.

I also get cold easily. And not just because I’m an old lady, I always have. My circulation cuts off quickly when I’m cold. I need to be warm or I’m miserable. And still. I LOVE SNOW.

I love the sky on a snowy day. I love riding the chairlift among the tree tops. I love looking down at my shadow cast perfectly on the smooth snow. The shadow that I am a part of has no beginning and no end. Like many things in the mountains, it is boundless.

With this painting I was able to get back to my roots and do the things I love most. I built a nice big canvas. I drew a scene from a ski resort. I spray painted half the composition. I painted some happy trees. I painted a nice chairlift. I painted the shadows of two of my favorite skiers.

The subject matter was the biggest success of this project for me. I don’t think I’ve painted a chair in more than a couple of years. This project had a second success too. I found my perfect (spray paint) recipe for champagne powder. I can’t give away my secrets, but I can show you some behind the scenes.

Nice, right? You also might be wondering what paint colors are under the final layer. Well, believe it or not…

Thanks for checking out my latest painting. I hope you enjoyed it, especially since spring is here and most of us are hanging up our skis and boards. What’s your favorite outdoor activity once the weather warms up? Have you done it yet? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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