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Food. We love it. We go shopping for it, give it as a gift, cook [...]


As I have been sharing with you recently (on my social media outlets) this painting [...]

Lone Tree Art Expo

If you’re local, come join me Wednesday evening (10/11) at Lone Tree Arts Center. My [...]

Composing the Sweetest Dream

Poppies were the idea for this painting in a little girl’s room. She’s a lovely [...]


Trash. It’s everywhere. So why not enjoy it? For the past 7 years that’s exactly [...]

The Outback

I prefer standing to sitting. Anyone that has been anywhere with me knows that. I [...]

Meet Tiger

This is Tiger. Tiger is near-and-dear to someone very near-and-dear to me. Tiger is mischievous. [...]

Happy New Year

But that was last month. No my friend. I’m saying Happy Lunar New Year! Happy [...]

Dog Daisy… a B-Sides

The b-sides are paintings that I create with whatever paint is left on the palette [...]

The Ocean

There are two things about working on this painting that brought me a lot of [...]


One Monday evening, back in the fall of 1998, after a supper of Gram’s spaghetti [...]

Love at the Beach

Raise your hand if your best memories are from the Jersey Shore. Depending on how [...]


That’s right. I’m forty now. I like to spell out the word. It looks way [...]

Far Out Man

John John has a new piece of art in his bedroom. This astronaut mosaic was [...]

I’m All Yours

Yes. You. Have you ever wanted to ask me to create a painting especially for [...]

Aiguille du Midi

To create Art for the purpose of invoking the inner self; this is why I [...]

I Must Confess

I know I speak for every parent (in the history of parenthood) when I say [...]

OLLIE: A step by step

My previous blog post was about the dog I recently painted. He’s a great guy, [...]


Oliver will be 7 years old this month. 6 years and 11 months ago, old [...]

My Kid is a Total Pollock

I present to you the latest Lila and Nina collaboration. This is an acrylic painting [...]

How I Mom

I celebrated my 39th birthday a little over a week ago. When you get to [...]

What Happens Here Matters.

Nadya works. She loves her job. She is very good at it. Nadya finds love. [...]

Life As We Know It

This is my face. It’s something I rarely share on social media anymore. Normally I [...]

Before it was Us

Here we are. It’s you and me, and all of our things, and all that [...]