Food. We love it. We go shopping for it, give it as a gift, cook it, eat it, grow it, and decorate with it. Food is good for us. It’s where we get our energy from. It heals us. The more we know about what we eat, the better we feel.


For the first half of my life I didn’t know anything about food. I’ve gained some knowledge over the years; read some books, listened to experts, and seriously experimented with cooking. Having a better understanding of nourishment has brought me great joy. My positive feelings about what I eat has inspired me to paint food portraits.


A couple of these intimate portraits have made their way to an art show. Figs and Broccoli will be on display (and for sale!) at the Fuse Box Art Gallery in Downtown Westminster, Colorado. Fuse Box is a Container Gallery. It isn’t very large, but it sure is cute! The gallery is a new-ish effort (it opened in January of 2024) by the Westminster Paletteers artist organization to share art and aid in the revitalization of downtown Westminster. The “Small Works” Show will run from April 6-May 5. The reception and awards presentation will be from 4:00-6:00 pm, on April 26th. The reception is in conjunction with a Westminster Arts Week celebration from 5:00-8:00 pm. There will be performances, art instruction, and unique restaurants and bars. Come check it out! The Fuse Box is located at 8900
Westminster Blvd, across from The Alamo.

Sardines is no longer available for purchase. You can find prints and other Sardine-adorned objects on the Florida Scarf Society6 webpage.

If you think your house needs a food portrait hanging somewhere, let me know! I’ll paint it for you!

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