I Spent My Time on Buttons

I just read an article about a blogger who spent hours and hours researching his latest posting. He investigated 68 years worth of microfilms at the Municipal Archives in NYC that mapped out Greenwich Village. He did this to try and locate the exact position of a diner depicted in an Edward Hopper painting. I think Nighthawks is captivating, but not deserving of such intense research. I am sorry to disappoint any reader who wants me to give any one posting that much attention. When would I sew?

I am just here today to inform everyone that another bunch of buttons has been created. This time they were made out of wood. My husband has been busy in the garage refinishing a dining set. I think I may have been a bit inspired by all of the sawdust everywhere. I decided to do a round of buttons in various sizes and shapes, with varying amounts of thread holes. I enjoy switching up the amount of holes for different looks on pieces. One of my favorite  things is to put extra holes in the buttons and attach smaller buttons as decoration. If you are lucky the next time you buy a Florida Scarf with a wooden button you will still be able to smell the stain.