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Christmas Greetings

This year, more than any other year prior, I have doodled most of my Christmas [...]

Merry Christmas

  Before you take down your Christmas tree, I’ve got a few memories from my [...]

Grand Finale

I would love to understand why some things just can’t be captured. I want photographs, [...]

You’re Special

I’ve been posting recently; more about art, travel, and selling than I have about sewing. [...]

Projects on Sunday Morning

This morning I finally made a cushion for my rocking chair. We bought the chair, [...]

New Neon Hat

Have you ever thought about what your least favorite temperature is? Mine is 40 degrees [...]

During Last Days in Germany…

Fret not. I don’t mean my actual last days. I just mean the last few [...]

Make the Music with Your Mouth Biz….

So I didn’t grow up under a rock, but I never saw this album cover [...]


Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday! This year she’ll be practicing for next year. (I don’t [...]

Adventures in Homefront Team Promotion

I had so much fun yesterday debuting the Homefront Team at the Ft. Rucker Spouses’ [...]

My First Business Trip

St. Augustine, Florida, is where Florida Scarf was born. An event called “The Café 11 [...]

Bazaar-O World

I have a 10′ x 10′ space. There is a red line of tape that [...]

New Sign

So the whole point of this post is that I made a new sign for [...]

Available at Earthtones

  Florida Scarf fans in Southern New Jersey get pumped. This is what will be [...]

Introducing Michelle

The Florida Scarf production team welcomes Michelle. Truth be told, Michelle has been with the [...]

Introducing Cassandra Helton

Just as before, I would like to announce that Florida Scarf is no longer a [...]

I Spent My Time on Buttons

I just read an article about a blogger who spent hours and hours researching his [...]

Coffee and Cherries

My new thing is recycling old wool sweaters for hoodies. It’s been really fun. They [...]