Introducing Cassandra Helton

Just as before, I would like to announce that Florida Scarf is no longer a one-man band.  Some friends have joined to allow for more creativity and ingenuity in scarf manufacturing. Now instead of a single influence, our designs encompass the inspirations of five people from five different places on the planet.

This is Cassandra. She is a fashion designer and boutique owner. With her clothing line, Helton Hill, Cassandra breathes new life into awesome vintage finds. Her home and studio are located in Portland, Maine. Her boutique, The Closet, is in St. Augustine, Florida. Cassandra’s style has a sexy European vibe mingling with classic American vintage. Through Florida Scarf the artist has highlighted some of her favorite prints and paired them with bright and cozy fleece. At our website you can shop her vintage innovation.

Want more of Cassandra’s solo work?