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Art Genius

Unless ultra-realism is your thing, there is no better art than toddler art. We want [...]

Sharing More Inspiration…

A Scarf and a Story…

This is a Story of Inspiration…

A Scarf and It’s Roots…. This is a Chocolate Castle! Oh and I found this [...]


This photo was taken at the Ann Rudd Art Center. I am reading The German [...]

New Sign

So the whole point of this post is that I made a new sign for [...]

New Tricks from Old Friends

Those were the good old days, when people used to get together and sew. Now [...]


I’ve been watching this series on PBS. Obviously, it is called “Craft in America.” For anyone [...]

Kids Vintage

This is a photo of some of my favorite retro cookbooks. I rarely cook from [...]

Vacation Inspiration

I spent Labor Day weekend celebrating my fifth anniversary, in Napa Valley, California. I knew [...]

Introducing Cassandra Helton

Just as before, I would like to announce that Florida Scarf is no longer a [...]

Introducing Lauren

As mentioned earlier, there are more women sewing for the company than just me. This is the [...]

Inspiration From Paradise Lost

Every piece that I create is one of a kind. Because of this I will [...]

Artistic Inspiration

I read this great book a while back. Actually, there were more pictures in the [...]