New Sign

So the whole point of this post is that I made a new sign for when I go to craft shows. From the photo you can see it is much more than just a sign. There is sculpture in there. I’m stoked on it. Here’s why.
For the past couple of shopping seasons I have done holiday craft shows. They have always been pretty low-key. This year I tried a big show on for size. By a “big show” I mean $$$ entrance fee, four days, vendor ammenities… the whole nine. As I was reading over the criteria for the show they had a lot of rules. One that caught my attention was that you couldn’t have a hand-written/stenciled sign. It had to be professional. At the time it was two days before the show and I’m reading that thinking I’m screwed. I can’t afford to pay to make a sign for the show. I’ve already paid to be there, and paid for transportation, and lodging. It all adds up and I was starting to feel in over my head. Then I changed my thought track. (a good practice to remain sane) The sign I use to use definitely falls into the “unacceptable catagory”, but why can’t I make a new one? Why do I think professional means plastic and laser printing? Once I relaxed I remebered I am a professional. It just so happens that I make things with my hands, not a computer. And that is totally fine. So here is my kick-ass, handmade, professional sign. I thank the show host for the encouragement. Otherwise I would still have my old sign, which was pretty amateur. I taught myself a lesson here and I hope the experience will be inspirational for others too. Try new things, and grow, and get in over your head. What you’ll find is that you can bring yourself and your product to the next level more effectively than you think.

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