Button, Button, Who’s Got The Button?

The single most outstanding feature on any one of my scarves is the button. In seasons past I have worked hard ( as have a few of my friends) to gather unique buttons at flea markets, old coat factories, antique shops, grandma’s basement……the list is endless. On occassions, I myself strayed from the sewing machine to the wood shop or clay studio to make some buttons of my own. This year I wanted to work cooperatively with more artists. To give Florida Scarf a new dimension the pieces will now be featuring handmade buttons from artists across the globe. I’m still early in the mission but you won’t believe what I’ve found.

First I would lilke to introduce Elysium’s Beach Stone Supply of Battle Creek, Michigan.

This Etsy shop specializes in stone supplies from the shores of Lake Michigan. These stones are polished by the waves and sand over many years. The artist then conditions the stones with a little dab of unscented lotion which brings out their color and pattern.

A few words from the artist’s profile are, “My favorite season is spring, and I love all water activities, horseback riding, traveling, spending time with my family, and creating.”
I found this artist incredibly easy to work with. After a few conversations about what I needed she made me the exact kind of buttons I wanted. The order was produced and shipped in a timely manner. I was so excited for the package. When I opened it I realized this artist had taken the time to develope her product into something perfect for Florida Scarf. Every detail was taken into consideration. This is an important factor to me when dealing with customers. I’m glad Elysium was of the same mindset. I can’t wait to put some of her stones to use.

Aren’t you excited? I am. I can’t wait to construct some new pieces. For these stones I’m thinking stormy scarves. I want fabrics rich in blues and grays. The texture is thick and warm, but silky too. Maybe even fabric that’s delicate and feminine on the outside to complement the essence of the button.

Be sure to check out the artist’s shop. There’s more than just buttons. The artist also does links, pendants, key chains, and spacers. BONUS: She only charges $2.00 on shipping for multiple orders in the US!