I Party With Trash

At the Art Center in Ozark we’ve been busy designing in the front Window. The above feature is a collection of shots I took during construction. This is the first time the window display has been changed since I’ve lived here. It’s looking quite fresh, I think, and it’s just in time for the change of the season.

The display will officially be finished by tomorrow. I have a few more newspaper flowers I will be adding. I don’t think a display can ever have too many flowers. If you live in town please stop by and check it out. The project was designed as a way to involve the community in recycled art. Recently some afternoons at the gallery were dedicated to making flowers out of various materials. We have incorporated each flower into our new front window.
Because of all the work I did yesterday I neglected to answer some questions from The Homefront Team’s meet-up. Here they are a day late:
What is your most treasured posession?
My collection of music. If I didn’t have any musical accompaniment life would be unbearable.
What was the best gift that you gave someone?
I don’t fancy myself very good at giving gifts. This could be a cop-out answer, but nothing comes to mind. I would have to say anytime I buy something off a registry, it’s the best, for me.

How do you battle a “crafter’s block?”
I think the best way to get out of a funk is to press on. Even at the worst of times, when I have no ideas what to make, I just pick something up and start working with it. In the worst-case senario I start by doing something I have already done. Eventually a new idea will emerge.
I would never let myself ignore working on a project until the feeling was over. I find that if I endure the situation I am more impressed by my results.

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