So Special

This is a scarf I just recently made for a friend. I thought it was so lovely, and delicate, that I wanted to share it. It is an upcycled clothing neck warmer. She provided both of the pieces. One was an angora sweater that she couldn’t wear anymore because the sleeves were disfigured. The embroidered fabric is from an old shirt of her dad’s from the Philipines. Her dad had passed away a while ago and she always kept the shirt in her closet. She finally thought it could be put to better use somehow. So I combined the two and turned them into a scarflette with sentimental value. I really enjoy when I have the opportunity to do things like this for other people.
This project reminds me of how, a couple of years ago, I made four hoodie hats for my aunt-in-law and her grandchildren. She had me use all of her old sweaters.
These sort of projects are so fun.
If this inspires you to desire a Flo Sca Special Order, I’d be more than happy to complete the request.
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