I’m Not Obsessed…

Every now and again I enjoy sharing an embarrassing moment.

I swear I’m not obsessed with myself but I sure felt like it yesterday when my landlord found me taking pictures of myself. (Don’t worry. I was fully clothed. See above.)
If you read the Germany Page on this blog you know that I had a fabulous afternoon touristing with my neighbors. Afterward I declined their offer for a beer in order to go home and get back to work on my new painting. As I was putting my painting clothes on I realized I was having a great hair day. I have a bunch of new scarves and hoods that I need to photograph, so I thought I should seize the opportunity. I went outside (for optimum lighting) and got to work with the self timer. It was about fifteen minutes later that my landlord peaked over the side of his balcony to see what the heck I was doing. This is the exact position he found me in. (Please imagine a camera on a tripod in from of me.) I must say I was a bit embarrassed, like when you get caught singing in the car to the radio.
Trying to explain to Hans what I was doing in German was nearly impossible. Luckily he has seen my work and I gave him a business card, so it made a bit of sense. I wished I knew how to explain¬†one man band in German. Instead I said, “I cut, I sew, I photograph, I put online, I sell.”
Our silly Germish conversation about my painting and sewing prompted Ludwig and Katarina to come out on their porch too. We must have been a funny sight; four people on three different balconies all shouting a to one another. I wished I had the camera set up in the backyard so I could’ve snapped a photo. I imagine we looked like a scene from 227, that old TV show. Only we’d be the German version.
I am happy to report that this situation ends on a positive note. Hans remembered one of the other houses on the street is home to a pair of artists. He immediately made me go over to this house of artists with him so he could introduce me. I wasn’t necessarily dressed for it, but who better to meet in your painting clothes than a pair of artists. Well, this couple was very nice but in the middle of entertaining guests so Hans and I didn’t stay too long. It was a good thing too, because I was the only one who didn’t speak German. I did understand however, that she is a painter and he is a sculpture and they own a gallery in town. They have a show opening soon and she is going to stop by my house soon with an invitation. Score! Chalk one up for Hans, my new favorite landlord.
This will be the second art show opening I’ve been invited to in one week. My first one is today. Coincidentally all of theses artists know one another. I love moments like this in life when little things just start coming together. I really hope that me, and art, and my new community can become better friends. If only my ability to speak German could come together a bit faster, I’d be golden.
We shall see.