Fall Bazaar in Wiesbaden

Please Join Me If You Can….
Normally, it is difficult for me to get dressed without layering or accessorizing. Recently it has begun to get even tougher. It’s Fall, and soon it will be replaced by Winter. Germany is getting pretty chilly. It’s perfect timing for my last bazaar of the season. I know it seems early for bazaar season to be ending, but I’m keeping it simple this year.
In preparation for an event like this my creativity goes into hyperdrive. I can’t sleep, I can’t relax; all I can do is think about sewing. It’s a good thing my husband isn’t around to endure this. My productivity would drive him nutty, and he’d tell me I need to relax. (Actually, he tells me that anyway.) I’ve been making new pieces constantly for the past couple of weeks. I go into my sewing room and don’t come out for hours. I make a cup of coffee (or get a glass of wine, depending on the time of day) put some music on, and get lost in the colors and patterns, and the way they look and feel. The windows in my sewing room face the front of the house. Every time the landlord or my neighbors walk by they can see me. My neighbors tease that I only live in one room in my house because each time they check, I’m in there. They also tell me not to work so hard. But my reply is that it is not work. I think it is fun. The part where I stand in front of people and try to sell them is the part that feels like work.
So what have I been doing? Well, most of my core features to the scarves and hoods are still here; warmth, minimalism, interesting buttons, recycled fabrics, vintage fabrics, and exciting color combinations. There are some new elements I’ve been working with too; to freshen up the inventory and give you something to lust after. I’ve got more furs. I’ve got some fabrics I picked up in Bali. 
Of course, there are a few new supplies from Germany too; mostly buttons. I’ve been able to make more deer antler buttons thanks to the wood shop on post. I have also been exploring new shapes and sizes in both the hoods and the scarves. But my time to prepare is quickly coming to a close. The bazaar is this weekend.

I also wanted to take this time to quickly post the new fur scarves I have made. I had a lot of interest in this style at my last craft fair. I only made two and I sold them both. I wanted to give everyone in my area (and on the internet) a chance to see them before I take them this weekend. If you are interested in one of these please contact me. I am selling each one for $65. As you may remember; the fur is from a 1930’s/40’s mink coat.
After Wiesbaden I will be loading the Etsy shop. This is the other part of the scarf business that feels like work. But I’ll put some more music on, make a cup of tea, (for a change) and load pictures and descriptions of my creations to share with you for this season. I hope you’re looking forward to me completing that task; I am. When it’s all over I’m going to switch to painting for a while. I’ll need a break by then, I think. I want to finish some new paintings before the new year.