Spring is Springin’

Carnival in Nuremberg

Last week I took Phil to his first Beer Fest in Germany. It was the Spring Festival in Nuremberg. It was an amusing outing for a few reasons. First of all; it’s called the Spring Fest but it was 20 degrees and snowing. Second of all; it was Easter. I don’t know why, probably because Easter is a religious holiday, but it seems ridiculous to celebrate at a place with carnival rides, haunted houses, roasted nuts, cotton candy, and beer drinking tents with entertainment by traveling cover bands.

A unique situation it certainly was; at least at first. After the first bratwurst sandwich, humungus pretzel, and couple of beers we settled comfortably into the situation.

Papier Fest Tent Nuremberg Tucher Wreath


Luckily for me, these beer tents are heated.

Grilled Fish at a Festival in Nuremberg


Luckily for Phil, Ludwig wasn’t with us. Otherwise he would have made Phil dine on one of these delicious grilled fishy-fish.