Interesting? Yes. Strange? For sure.

As I continue to travel I become increasingly aware of the over abundance of things to see and do. A tourist must be wise in determining what to spend their time studying. Is it a momentary lapse of better judgement when you are in a perfectly preserved medieval city and this discovery is one of the highlights of your day?
We’d been exploring Rothenburg ob der Tauber all day. We had walked the wall, visited St. Jakob’s, toured the Torture Museum, and gazed up in the Marktplatz. At this time we were strolling through the castle gardens. It has amazing views of the Tauber River and the Double Bridge is a spectacular photo opportunity. I chose, instead, to photograph a dirty pair of jeans someone had decorated a trash can with. It struck me as once in a lifetime. Dare I suggest even; that it was a shining example of pop-up art?