A Bit of History

Kathy Casper NJ Bridge TileInteresting information, dare I call it knowledge, is lurking around every corner, over the next hill, and under every rock.
My mom has lived in her current house for ten years (maybe eleven). Next to her house is a tiny bridge. I just found out that this bridge is 100 years old. It’s the oldest draw bridge in NJ. That’s something to be proud of. Despite the incessant traffic it brings alongside my mom’s house; the bridge continues to be a source of inspiration to her artwork.

Last week we went to the Glencairn Museum (or museem if you pronounce it like our guide) next to the Bryn Athyn Cathedral in Bryn Athyn, PA. The museum is a former home built in 1928 by Raymond Pitcairn and his wife Mildred Glenn. I know what you’re thinking. It looks more like a medieval castle than a 1920’s home, but when you’re a billionaire you can design your house in any style you wish. The stone shell of this abode houses a beautiful American Arts and Crafts style interior.  I found the contrast of the two quite interesting. The Bryn Athyn Cathedral and this house were built in true gothic styles, and now house an abundance of important historical art artifacts from around the world. The collection showcases religious life through the ages and spares no belief. We saw artifacts from Egypt, Greece, and Medieval Europe. I was particularly impressed by one third of an Egyptian tablet on display.  The second-third (of the tablet) is housed in the Louvre, and the third-third calls Copenhagen home. In addition to the interiors of the property, the exteriors also lend much to exploration. I recommend a day trip if you’re in the area.


From world-class museums, to small towns in Pennsylvania; I’m beginning to understand that education and insight hangs no further than the end of my own nose.