My Next Big Thing

Indian Quarter Button Scarf
This is one of my new scarves. The buttons are made from old quarters from India. Do they even still use quarters in India? One is dated 1929 and the other is dated 1940. Neat.

Next week I will be posting up at the PX on Urlas Kaserne in Ansbach, Germany.
I will be selling my scarves and my art.
I’m looking forward to it. Despite the 6 nine hour days and 1 seven hour day, I think it will be fun. It’s Halloween week (in case you forgot) and I hope the department store will be busy. Not too busy, of course, that people don’t want to stop and check me out.
As usual, before I go out in public and sell my scarves, I post photos of all of my new merchandise here in the event that someone has lust for an early purchase. (or is not able to make it to my location and wants to browse anyhow.)
Will I be giving out candy?
Of course not. That stuff rots your teeth. But I will be giving away a piece of ART!
Here’s my deal.
I have built a nice, high quality canvas. It measures 36”x36”. So far, I have only put a 4” square grid on it. It’s up to my community to fill in the rest. The first 81 people who come to my kiosk interested in participating in my (super-fun-experimentational) project are welcome. I hope it draws a variety of painters, whether or not they are artists; men, women, children, trolls, etc. When all of the squares are filled with “personality” the masterpiece will be complete.
Who wins it?
The winner.
I will also be collecting names in a repurposed Ovaltine can. The person interested in the painting can write their name and preferred contact method on a piece of paper. (I will not be collecting email addresses to create a contact list. I will not be collecting numbers to sell to a telemarketer.)
My first day entertaining at the PX is Monday, October 28th. My last day entertaining will be Sunday, November 3rd. I will draw the name at 5:00 pm on Sunday and announce the winner on my blog. If the winner has left me their contact info then I will use it. If they haven’t, they will be forced to contact me.
The winner will be strongly encouraged to allow me to take their photo while holding the painting.
I think it’s because I have recently been inspired by Street Art, and fun and social art…Art for Art’s Sake. Being creative isn’t this thing in the sky that only a few people can reach.
Also, my mom does a lot of work in schools, and with communities, building mosaics. Her work is very rewarding for her on many levels. I want to know how it feels.
Also, Also, I recently came back from Paris. While I was in Montmartre we strolled around the famous square where all the artists sell their work. While these artists are selling, they are also painting. Our guide (who was awesome) told us that the painters are required (by contract) to paint while they work. It is to prove that they actually make the artwork. In these situations (outdoor kiosks selling artwork in tourist towns) it has been found that the paintings are fakes that have been pumped out in a factory in China. (so tourists were only buying bootlegs) I find this to be a terribly interesting (albeit distasteful) situational circumstance. I thought artists practice their art at their kiosks because standing around all day staring at people, hoping they come up to you and either engage in conversation or buy something, can be a bit boring. I was a bit worried that painting (or sewing) at my kiosk all day would be unsocial. So I thought it better that I engage other people to paint with me.

So with thee three forces of inspiration, our plan is to make something and give it to someone else.