Hot Air Balloon Scarf

Hot Air Balloon Scarf

A couple of weeks back I mentioned scoring a couple of exciting summer sales. I don’t think that I mentioned that one of the scarves went to Australia. That was my first sale in Australia, and I was totally psyched. Upon arrival of the scarf, so was the customer! I strive for customer satisfaction; so it’s always rewarding when people contact me to express delight in their purchase.

The story does not end there.

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As it turns out, the woman that purchased the scarf, and her family, run a hot air balloon business in New South Wales, Australia. It’s called Beyond Ballooning. She was pleased, not only with the fashion of the scarf, but its function as well. She wrote to tell me how the design of a Florida Scarf is ideal for ballooning; the reason being its size and shape. A short scarf that is fitted to one’s neck is far less likely to be a hazard in a balloon than a normal, longer, scarf…Imagine That!

The customer, Julia, went on to place a special order; right there in her message of appreciation. In the past I’ve made scarves and hoods for skiiers, cyclists, athletes, and even pilots; but never a balloonist! I made Julia a custom scarf with her favorite colors and the company logo. It was a fun project for me; and both Julia and I are pleased with the outcome.

Now if it only didn’t have to take three weeks to travel to her…

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  1. Julia Allen says:

    Thanks for the mention Sarah. I too love to hear about the lives of the people who create my purchases. In this case we both share our lives with “Sky Gods” as I call them, and yes the 3 week wait for my scarf is a very long time but well worth the wait
    Take Care

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