Belt Bag

I promised myself I was going to sew something this summer, even if only once, that was not a scarf or a hood. I also promised myself it had to be from scratch; not an altered t-shirt or reformed bandana. I want to get better at reading and working with patterns.

80's Barrel DuffelDo you remember the carpet bag that I made last summer? After it was complete I still had a bunch of that fabulous carpet fabric left over. I decided to make myself a belt bag.

Fanny PacYes. A belt bag. No matter how many times I remind him, Phil insists it’s a fanny pac. In his defense, I do wear it over my fanny.

Here’s me rocking the belt bag at the Afrika-Karibik Festival we went to this weekend. When it’s perfectly sunny and hot, and I’m trying to dance to some reggae, it is convenient to not have a purse slung over my shoulder. I sweat less, and don’t get an awful tan line.

Belt Bag Afrika Fest

I’m really looking forward to the next time I go on vacation. I can wear my belt bag and carry the rest of my belongings in the matching carpet bag…YES!!