Time Out for Babies

baby poopCongratulations me. I am now the proud mother of twin baby girls. And golly, has life changed. In a good way. I couldn’t be happier.

But it means my life is no longer about me; my traveling, beer drinking, painting, sewing, and selling. Now it’s all about babies; feeding them, cleaning them, and learning which gadgets or products are going to make our lives most pleasing.

The babies are only eleven days old. In that time I’ve already learned that I love them too much not to give them my best each day.  And there just isn’t enough time in one day to do all that I want for them and for me. So here comes the announcement I have been procrastinating…

All of my painting, sewing, traveling, and blogging is on pause until further notice.  I will not be making any new products, selling at any bazaars, or accepting custom orders. Both of my Etsy shops will stay open however, and all of my current stock will remain for sale.

I appreciate your understanding at this time and I hope you’ll come back to read when I resume writing.

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