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Books. Books. Books.

In case you haven’t heard me say it before… Lila and Nina LOVE books. They [...]

Flower Girls

I had a plan for this blog to be about me, my work, my travels, [...]

Golden Birthday

Your golden birthday is when you turn two on the second; but what is it [...]

And Then They Turned One

My babes are one year old. They have achieved 365 days on planet Earth; and [...]

Silver City

Any holiday is a great excuse to get together with family. But when you don’t [...]

White Sands

We took our first day trip as a family. Of course we’ve been on excursions [...]


Being a mother is exhausting. I apologize for opening this article with such a tired [...]


It was a beautiful, crisp sunny day, about 60 degrees. The babies had just taken [...]

Babies and Museums

We took some outings with the babes this week. Actually, miniature attempts to join the [...]

Traveling with Twins

Me? Travel? With twins?… I gave birth to twins on August 2, 2015. My life [...]

Time Out for Babies

Congratulations me. I am now the proud mother of twin baby girls. And golly, has [...]

Butt Wipes

I’m expecting twins any minute now. (Figuratively speaking of course. I’m only at 33 weeks.) [...]