More Couch Crafts Please

My last post on this blog was about how bored I am in these last few days of pregnancy and my efforts to find new amusements. 

Today I’m proud to announce that I found a new couch activity. I have been making black and white flash cards for the babies. For me, this activity comes with double satisfaction. I get to stay busy, and the activity will prove useful when the babies arrive.

In my recent studies I have learned that babies can’t see very well when they are first born. Also, they need stimulation, but can very easily be driven over the edge. An excellent newborn activity is staring at a black and white flash card. Experts say that staring at these images for a few minutes is like a day at the beach for newborns. What they register from it will have their synapses firing like the Fourth of July. And they will feel quite accomplished when the activity is over.

It made sense to me.

If anyone is interested I found templates for these flash cards at a website called I’m also confident that if you google it you can find numerous downloads for baby flash cards.

P.S. I totally posted this article from the couch too. It never ceases to amaze me what we can do with apps these days.