Inside the Artist’s Studio

This is it. In all of its glory. This is my space. The space where I paint. The reality of it is, when I find time to paint I quick clear a spot at the kitchen table in the middle of the house. It’s a space I share with the rest of my family. It’s where I drink coffee. It’s where I feed the kids. It’s where we chat and laugh. It’s where the day’s mail gets dropped. This space has been here for years. Many people have used it for many things.

Is it the most inspiring spot? Yes and no. It certainly doesn’t boast professional creative space where someone creates art of worth. It’s more unassuming than that. It breathes life. It may just be a table in a nook in a kitchen. It may be the busiest spot in a house. But it’s a house I call home. And most of the closest things to my heart surround me here. I can cook dinner, listen to music, get fresh air, eat some chips, listen for my babies (who are supposed to be sleeping but are probably laughing or crying) and paint. During nap time and the early evening it transforms to my multitasking sanctuary.

I am grateful for this space and all of the things it can be for me. I am thankful that I was invited to be here. I am thankful for the ability and inspiration to use it how I do. Someday I’d like to be big enough to have all of my spaces be for a single use…I think. In the mean time its a blessing to have the here and now.

And who knows. Maybe enough time spent in the kitchen will lead to a future where I can spend time in a place that resembles something in an image I ripped off from a photo I found of dream spaces on the Internet. And if not. I’ll be happy wherever I am.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 10.20.34