We all know someone that loves art. Like, lllooovvveeesss art. They love music. They go to art and craft fairs. They have a ton of great pictures, paintings, and sculptures on their walls and around their home. They read. They watch obscure films. They have tattoos. Heck. They eat out a lot because they prefer to appreciate someone else’s cooking. And the most charming detail to their love of art is that they don’t make any of their own. They are all about the OPA. Other People’s Art. They are bonifide aficionados.

This kind of person is always coming up with new ways to fit more art into their lives. This person might also be an athletic female. And she is having serious issues with her foot. The Doc just told her that she needs to wear a brace, all day everyday. The brace-boot is all leather. “Surely”, she says to herself, “I am not going to wear this obnoxious, ugly boot everyday. It’s too uninspiring. I need to find someone to draw or paint on it for me so I am happier about wearing it. And everyone I come into contact with will appreciate looking at it. I’ll ask Sarah if she can help.”

And help I did. I doodled all over that piece of equipment, making it fashionable and functional.

I would have to say that this is the most unique item I have ever put my stamp on. It has inspired me to go beyond. Get outside the four sided blank canvas. Step beyond the confines of fabric.

I’m inspired to do a pair of boots for myself. Not a boot-brace, but like, a real pair of boots.

Any opinions?

What do you think would be good to put art on?

Do tell.