I woke up from a nap with my girls at 4:00 pm, on Thursday June 14th. I stood up out of bed and water burst out of my body and down my legs. My labor and delivery with Nina and Lila was induced, so I was really curious how it was all going to play out this time…Home alone with two kids.
I wrapped a towel through my legs and waddled around the house, waking up the kids, getting them dressed, and packing an activity bag for the hospital. I think I finally got us to the hospital a little before 5:00 pm. I was nervous and excited. Was everything going to be ok? Would I be in labor for hours? Would I be able to do it without pain meds, like I wanted?Phil left work and was at the hospital around 6:00pm. My mother in law got there at the same time to get the girls and take them back home for a pizza party. I was admitted to a room at 7:00 pm. Between six and seven we waited in triage, and I could feel contractions but they weren’t terrible. Phil and I casually passed the time by joking, placing bets about the birth, and googling famous people born on 6/14. Once I got to room 308 however, things escalated quickly. Phil was on the phone with my mom at 7:45 pm, when I told him I was really uncomfortable and needed him to get the nurse. The next 20 minutes were the wildest in my life so far. I had an epidural with the twins. I got them out without feeling a thing. That whole ordeal now seems calm to me when compared to pushing a baby out without the aid of painkillers. All I remember from this new experience is having my eyes closed and screaming the entire time. Not yelling, but screaming like some kind of deranged animal being tortured. Sounds I had no idea I could make. Phil was actually paying attention to what was happening and gives a better explanation of what occurred. That being said, he keeps most of the details to himself. He simply states that he thinks I’m strong, extremely tough, and he’s very proud of me. Child birth is the wildest, hottest pain I’ve ever experienced, but it’s over in a flash and your baby is in the world as the newest member of the human race. After delivery, Phil went home and brought us back dinner, leftovers from nina and lila’s pizza party. I think we were asleep by midnight.That was over a week ago and I haven’t had more than three hours of sleep in a row since. Other than that things are going quite smooth. John Casper Geraci and I are happy and healthy and healing nicely. He’s a good kid so far, getting along quite well with his two older sisters. Although, he does tend to hog my lap. It’s nice to see that the girls have just as much interest in him as Phil and I do.
Lots of people have said that a single baby to take care of after having had two is easy. I completely disagree. Sure, I’m slightly less terrified, and nursing is easier, but I still have three kids to care for where I used to only have two. I’m certainly no less frazzled and exhausted. Every second of my day, with the exception of my seven hours of broken sleep is consumed with feeding people and cleaning them up. Thank goodness Phil can wipe his own butt.
Needless to say I am happy for all of the creative projects I was able to accomplish during pregnancy because it’s gonna be a cold day before I’m digging out any sewing or paint supplies. I don’t mind the long pause though. As long as this pause will be, I understand that it is a short bit of time that your babies are actually babies. Lila and Nina now seem so grown up to me as I compare them to the newborn. I know I have your understanding as well. Chances are, if you’re reading this you’ve been reading my blog for a while and you are accustomed to the hither-tither of my postings. I appreciate it, and I look forward to sharing more with you when I can. Until then rest assured that I am tending to the newest version of my family and still keeping a mind’s eye on my future artistic ventures.

5 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Heather Shier says:

    Yay! I love his name. It has such a rhythm to it!
    And I love the expression of your labor. Screaming like you didn’t know you could! That’s how I remember it too! Two of the of the best experiences of my life, giving birth to my girls! Never want to do it again, but now I understand the strength that comes with opening up my body completely to this universe!

  2. Vicki Mowery (Aunt Vic) says:

    As always your writing is so honest and true and straight from the heart! Just can’t wait to meet all 3 of your precious childre💕

  3. Vicki Ann says:

    Beautiful, raw, real and amazing! So wonderful! Blessings to you all as you navigate the waters of the new normal!!❤️

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