Books. Books. Books.

In case you haven’t heard me say it before… Lila and Nina LOVE books.

They read at least four books a day, and upwards of ten to fifteen when they are on a roll.

The insistency with which they request to be read to can be overwhelming. (This is a proud mom problem.)

Because I have two bibliomaniacs we go to the library once a week, we belong to a book of the month club, people always gift them books, and we shop the book section of the thrift store. We just can’t seem to get enough.

We also have a knack for finding programs that support reading. There are two such institutions we have recently stumbled upon that I wanted to share with you.The first is called 1000 BOOKS BEFORE KINDERGARTEN

We signed up for this program at our local library. I track all the books the girls read. They get a reward at each 100 book milestone. There is a party at 500, and again at 1000. It’s a fun challenge for them. I track the books on the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten app. Actually, most of the time the kids log their books on the app for themselves. You can use your phone to scan the book’s ISBN number. There aren’t many toddlers that wouldn’t want to read a book to get their hands on their mom’s phone.The second program we found is called Imagination Library

We just signed up for this program so it hasn’t kicked into gear yet, but as I understand it you just sign up and get books mailed to your house for free. If there’s one thing that’s almost as fun as using your mom’s phone, it’s getting mail. Also, you can live stream story times hosted by Dolly. How great?! I grew up with some Dolly Parton, and now my kids can too. 

In other news…the new baby boy and I are doing great. He is just over a month old, and has sat through almost 80 books himself. His favorite story times are when Nina and Lila lay him on the couch and read him books themselves.

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  1. Fran Conrey says:

    What GREAT programs….and i LOVE Dolly! This is excellent! All three will undoubtedly be appearing on Jeopardy at this rate! Keep up the exceptional job! BIG LOVE AF

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