The Ocean

The Ocean

There are two things about working on this painting that brought me a lot of joy. The first thing was painting the ocean. I love the ocean. Don’t tell my husband this, but I love the ocean more than I love the mountains. I do.

Painting the ocean is amazing. It’s the biggest body on Earth, but recognizable in the smallest glimpse. It’s that special. It has a miraculous rainbow of color in each drop. It’s in constant motion; a reminder to us all that we are too. It’s a trove of treasures; a reminder to us all that we are too.

My second favorite part of this painting was getting to idolize a parent and child at such a sweet spot in time. Much like the ocean, our children inspire within us a myriad of feelings and emotions that change and transform at an instance. What a gift for a child, to be out in the world exploring, and feeling the excitement that fun brings; the safety of a mother’s hand as she shares in the child’s joy. I never could have assumed how much I was going to appreciate being a part of the memories clients share with me. With each family that I paint for I become more in love with humans.

So those are my favorite parts, but what about you? I know the entertainment for you, the reader, is seeing the original photo, and some of the more awkward phases the painting went through during its completion. Here goes.

These matching suits absolutely melted my heart.

This painting wasn’t going anywhere without a bunch of neon under the water.

The middle of the painting process is always the hardest. You aren’t as free as you were when you began. Things are at a point where they begin to come together, and so things also begin to look out of proportion. It’s difficult here not to trick your eye, or your certainty.

Almost at the end; just a smidge of something here, a dabble of something there…and a huge rock. No sweat.

What were my favorite things to paint? The little girl’s hair. The mom’s sunglasses.

Thanks for reading about my latest commissioned work. If this new image has you pining for more, don’t worry. The b-side will be on it’s way shortly.