Dog Daisy… a B-Sides

The b-sides are paintings that I create with whatever paint is left on the palette from my most recent commission. The interesting aspect is that the two paintings share an identical color palette, but they are very different in style, subject matter, and mood...

Rocky Trail Dog Daisy

This b-side was created with the surplus paint from The Ocean, a portrait of a mother, her daughter, and the ocean. The palette was originally created to depict turquoise waters, a sky, and a relationship between two people that find one another very special. The palette here was used to describe a flower blooming in spite of the situation in which it finds itself.

The photograph was taken by me while enjoying a lakeside picnic with my family; not terribly dissimilar to the painting with which it shares a palette. I found these perfect little flowers under my feet amongst the pebbles, just back from the shore. They looked splendid, a complete contrast to their inferior and sandy surroundings. I took the picture and didn’t think much more of them until I began this work.

I have named the flowers Dog Daisies, but they could just as easily have been Stinking Chamomile, Mayweed Chamomile, or Heath Astor. I am no botanist, so these flowers (or weeds if you will) are all pretty similar. Mostly, they are considered invasive species. Mature plants can produce over 20,000 seeds; being spread via water or on the feet on animals. A seed can remain viable for up to 40 years. A new plant can even regenerate from the tiniest scrap of root, making this a pretty tough plant to beat.

I like to imagine that what you would say about one living thing, you could say about any living thing. As I painted the portrait of this plant, with its flowers blooming white and perfect over the dirt and rocks, begging not to be stepped on, I couldn’t help but self reflect. For the sake of humankind, please allow me to be naive, and say we are all but Dog Daisies using whatever resources and skills we possess to make something beautiful of our existence. And if it not be for very long, we can rest peacefully knowing that we, at least, touched one other living being and gave them a moment of gratitude.

What I am trying to tell you is that I think you are an absolute miracle and I am so glad you’re here.


And if you’re just itching to see these two works side-by-side, here you go…

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