Back In the Land of Beer…

That’s right. I’m talking about America; the land of exciting, creative, delicious craft beers in refillable growlers and oversized bottles with fabulous labels and logos.
The first highlight on (yet another) trip back to the Estados Unidos has been dinner at Hawthorne’s in South Philly.
Hawthorne’s is everything you’d expect from a relaxed gourmet eatery; homemade pierogies, fish tacos, a plethora of delicious beers, repurposed wood tables, mason jars for water glasses, and a friendly tattooed staff in slim-fit t-shirts that look like they rode to work on their fixed gear bike. When you’re done eating you can explore the refrigerator section for some to-go, or you can fill a growler.
After wetting my whistle with the Mikkeller Cream Ale (from Coppenhagen) and the Dock Street Firehouse Saison ( from West Philly) I was happy to take home Rogue’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Beer (named the VooDoo Doughnut) and the 21st Ammendment Watermelon in a growler.