Flea Market Finds

Ansbach TrödelmarktWe had a huge flea market in town and I was (luckily) able to attend. I think there had to be over 50 vendors peddling their trash and treasures. Quickly trying to overlook the trash; I was on a treasure hunt for Florida Scarf. As you know, I’ve been making German (and more specifically Bavarian) themed scarves. I have recently purchased a few charms and trinkets on the internet to use in accessorizing the scarves in this theme. Although, I’d much rather buy these things in person. I was hoping the flea market would be a great place for these finds, and it was. The were more buttons, jewelry, pins, and tchotchky than I could purchase. I moved through the market swiftly, not spending too much time hemming-and-hawing. If I saw a piece I liked, I pulled the trigger. That is, of course, unless it was too expensive. If I didn’t like the price I’d try to haggle. This is an interaction I found to be quite uncomfortable. Bargain shopping is tricky in a foreign land. I didn’t want to be rude. I had no idea how easily insulted these sellers could be. I gave it a shot in some cases though, and a couple of times I was actually rewarded with a savings of fifty cents or one euro. And once you convert euros to dollars, it’s a savings that is larger than you’d think. flea market findsRegardless, I got some good stuff for good prices and had fun at my first giant Trödelmarkt. Stay tuned to see what I make.