Bavarian Scarf with Shearling and Charm Set

Florida Scarf has a few things to catch you up on.

Mountain Wildflowers Scarf with Deer Antler Button

Activity around here is inversely proportionate to the weather. When the temperature drops scarf seekers come up. My season is off on a running start. It’s bittersweet. I feel grateful that scarves and hoods are selling just as quickly as I can make them, but I’m bummed that I don’t have time to list each piece before it sells.

Rex Rabbit Scarf with Loden Fabric and Gold Buttons
King Rabbit Scarf with 12th Century-style Dense Wool Fabric and Gold Buttons

I feel like my creativity is in high-gear. I’m proud to share my new creations with as many people as possible, but I know that only one person will be able to have it for their own. Luckily I took some initial photos of the scarves and I can share them with you now.

Alpine Adoration Scarf in Long with Four Red Buttons and Handmade Patches
Reversible Sweater Scarf with Gingham Heart and Edelweiss


Last week I sold at a luncheon in Hohenfels for their Spouse’s and Community Club. HSCC is a great group of women. Their lively lunch this month had an Oktoberfest theme. Many of my scarves fit right in, and got snatched right up. I appreciate all the love and support the girls extended to me. I hope to visit again soon.

Ludwig’s Bisam Fur Scarf with Tara Ferreira’s Fancy Florida Buttons
Warm Flannel, Fleece, and Fur, with Royal Button

If you missed me at the Hohenfel’s lunch, then you missed these scarves. Fret not, there’s more where that came from on my Etsy Site.

Ludwig’s Steinmarder Fur, Fleece, Flannel, and Handmade Wooden Button Scarf
Lumberjack Ladies Scarflette

Would you like to shop in person; be able to see and feel the scarves, and try them on? You can visit me this season at one of my next outings:

10/5/2013: Vilseck Craft Fair

10/28-11/3, 2013: Urlas Army PXtra, open to close

11/23/2013: Fürth or Regensburg, to be announced

12/7/2013: Kultur Forum, Fürth

For all other inquiries, special orders, and home-shopping, please feel free to contact me at