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For Old Times Sake

It’s been almost three months since we left Germany. And while there are many things [...]

Indulgence While There is Still Time

Unfortunately. This past Saturday. I made the very unwise decision to count the number of [...]


Great St. Hubert, bless all who gather here in this
 natural setting, whose aim is [...]

Patron Saint of Hunters

Saint Hubertus is the patron saint of hunters. His feast day, November 3rd, marks the [...]

The Polished Souvenir

You remember the souvenir I was working on last week for myself. Well, this week [...]

Autumn in Germany

It may seem a bit premature to speak of Autumn while it’s still August, but [...]


Florida Scarf has a few things to catch you up on. Activity around here is [...]

Fall And Winter….

The chillier seasons are nipping at our heels here in Germany. I’ve been using this [...]