Now I Know

My first poster hanging….in Germany.

I was up-and-about a few towns yesterday. I finally had a couple of extra seconds to figure out an Oscar Selbstgemacht advertising plan and execute it. Initially I had reservations about tacking up posters in public….I didn’t know how, where, or if I could do it; and the thought of getting hassled by the Polizei (or an angry fence owner) was influencing my maneuvers.
Maybe it was an extra boost of confidence, as a result of my success on Saturday, but I was ready to advertise for December 7th and the universe was delivering me potential. So here I am, enthusiastically stapling to property that is not my own. Every place I stapled already had staples, so I think I’m good. In the midst of my activity I couldn’t help but laugh because, again, this is something I’ve never done at home in the US. It’s crazy how much more I’ve pushed my self here. It’s like I’m thinking, “Well, I’m already out of my comfort-zone. How far away from the zone can I get? What other zones are out there?”

It looks like I stapled my thumb, but I didn’t. You wish.

Speaking of zones, I reached another zone in the blogosphere. If you recall, I blogged about street art in Paris. Yesterday I heard from one of the artists of one of the pieces I had blogged about. The artist wrote to me to claim the piece, of which I had posted a photo, and told me about why the piece was created. I’m not sure why he (if he read the article in English) emailed me in French, but I google-translated a reply in French thanking him and telling him that I would update the blog post.

It got me thinking….”Man that’s really cool. French people are reading my blog. Other artists are reading my blog. You are reading my blog. The artist never wrote whether or not they liked my writing, but I’d like to assume they did. At the very least, they cared enough to offer a constructive edit.”

Then I also got to thinking…”Gheez. Writing a blog is a lot of responsibility. You want to observe, document, and hypothesize. You want to share things with people so they understand you are more than just selling; but at what point does it become a disservice? If you don’t have all the facts, do you share part of the facts, or the facts as you see them?”
I think the answer is yes. That’s what blogging is. Before the Internet it was called journaling and it used to be private. Now we’ve got the triple-dub and everything is public. I can write what I like and you’ve gotta take it with a grain of salt.
Sorry to get so heavy on you today. I just felt the need to hash that (thought process) here. I’m glad I did. I’m flattered that I heard from Mr. Gulon. He has peaked my curiosity of more of his work…and hopefully yours too.