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Back in the Other Saddle

My sewing business has spent these deep months of winter in hibernation. I’m sure you [...]

Now I Know

I was up-and-about a few towns yesterday. I finally had a couple of extra seconds [...]

You’re Special

I’ve been posting recently; more about art, travel, and selling than I have about sewing. [...]


Listen Knucklehead. Just because you can go to the post office and have a legitimate [...]

A Scarf and a Story

I have designed a new style of scarf. It takes me quite some time to [...]

Great Weekend

So not only did I personally have a really fun weekend, but Florida Scarf had [...]

Fan Photos

In the five years that I have been selling scarves on Etsy I have never [...]

Swarovski Scarf

Introducing my latest style… Swarovski says…Add sparkle to your everyday life. So I thought some [...]

Placemats and Scarves

The holidays are still upon us. Mine are still as crazy as ever. (in a [...]

Extreme Holiday Cravings

 Click the scarf to see it on Etsy. Sorry if I got carried away [...]

Sharing More Inspiration…

A Scarf and a Story…

This is a Story of Inspiration…

A Scarf and It’s Roots…. This is a Chocolate Castle! Oh and I found this [...]