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Now I Know

I was up-and-about a few towns yesterday. I finally had a couple of extra seconds [...]

The German Craft Show

The bazaar at the Volkshochschule (Adult Education Center) in F├╝rth started out this year, a [...]

Great Weekend

So not only did I personally have a really fun weekend, but Florida Scarf had [...]

Etsy Strong

There is a reoccurring conversation. It goes like this: New Person: What do you do? [...]

Whose Side Are You On?

As I continue to straddle the line between Army wife and new citizen of Germany [...]

Hot Fairy on Fairy

It isn’t every day you get to start out a blog post like that. I [...]

Sharing is the Point

Florida Scarf went camping for the holiday. Boy, was it envigorating. It’s been a while [...]