Sewing Like Mom

Inspiration hanging in mom’s studio over her sewing machine.

If it weren’t enough that I look almost exactly like my mother, I also copy a lot of her moves.

She likes to be healthy…me too.

She likes Mexico…me too.

She likes live music…me too.

She likes muffins…me too.

She likes art…me too.

Sewing Pins and Hat Cushion
Fun sewing accessories make it feel like a party.

A trip to her house is never complete unless it includes an art project. Fortunately, her artistic endeavors are a bit different than mine. To me, her studio is a foreign land full of pottery supplies, mosaics, and sewing supplies including multiple machines and actual project patterns. When I’m there it’s a new adventure of art exploration.

Pattern on Fabric
The pattern is on the fabric and I’m ready to cut. You only get one take on this act. It makes me more nervous than public speaking.

This time I tackled a sewing project. I know what you’re thinking…but Sarah, you sew.

And to that I say…just because I can sew together rectangles doesn’t mean I know the first thing about sewing.

My mom has been sewing since she was a kid. It’s one of her life’s passions. She can sew anything. As a child, I remember that she’d sew matching dresses for herself, my sister, and I. She’s sewn prom dresses for me, and when I needed a wedding dress I went to her. Because she loves sewing clothes so much, she’s always tried to share the enthusiasm with my sister and I. Until last week, I’d never gotten further than the scarves and hoods. And unless you count the one time I made that awesome carpetbag; I’ve never attempted to follow a pattern. My mother and I had gone to Joann Fabrics and picked up too much inspirational fabric for me not be inspired to dive, head first, into a project.

My new retro dress
The dress complete! Just like mom makes!

I chose the simplest dress pattern I could find. As luck would have it, its looks were not deceiving, and with my mom as my guide I was able to complete the dress in one week. Go me!

The Bow
The bow is mom’s favorite part. She claims I’m the only person who could put a bow like this on a dress and not look like a clown.

My mom was so pleased with my work that she told me I had to take the pattern and some extra fabric home and sew another version of the dress immediately so that I would not forget all that I had learned. I took the pattern, but there’s no chance of me sewing another dress any time soon. Sorry mom, but I’ve got my own art world that needs some attention.