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Far Out Man

John John has a new piece of art in his bedroom. This astronaut mosaic was [...]

My Kid is a Total Pollock

I present to you the latest Lila and Nina collaboration. This is an acrylic painting [...]

Life As We Know It

This is my face. It’s something I rarely share on social media anymore. Normally I [...]

That’s a Wrap

A new year marks the beginning of a lot of things. It also marks the [...]

Fashion Mag

Some of you might laugh at this, especially those of you that see what I [...]

Ring Ring Ring

At the start of the summer Toys R Us was having a “Going Out of [...]

Katy Yes Pocket

The more Nina and Lila read, and watch movies, the more pseudonyms they have for [...]

Art Genius

Unless ultra-realism is your thing, there is no better art than toddler art. We want [...]

Fabric Paint? Seriously?

Is it possible to make anything cool using fabric paint? If you had asked me [...]

Working on Christmas

This month I’ve been teaching Lila and Nina all about Christmas, not just the stories [...]

Rainbow Reminder

I’m not sure if I learn a lot from my kids, or if I learn [...]

One for the Mailbox

I like getting mail. I also like giving mail. I like everything about it. Including the [...]


We all know someone that loves art. Like, lllooovvveeesss art. They love music. They go [...]

And Then They Turned One

My babes are one year old. They have achieved 365 days on planet Earth; and [...]

Ugly Homemade Toys for Your Babies

Despite being a busy mom of twins I somehow find an impressive amount of time [...]


Being a mother is exhausting. I apologize for opening this article with such a tired [...]

Couch Crafting

Laid up? Read too many books? Watched too many documentaries? Bored? So pregnant you can’t [...]

Butt Wipes

I’m expecting twins any minute now. (Figuratively speaking of course. I’m only at 33 weeks.) [...]

The Guest Bed

 If you read the latest article on the Globetrotting Blog then you are fully aware [...]

Holiday Cheer

As much as Phil loves his birthday (not) and I love Christmas, our house was [...]

The Polished Souvenir

You remember the souvenir I was working on last week for myself. Well, this week [...]

Shirt Puzzle

I love puzzles. I could spend all day working on a puzzle. Recently I spent [...]

Belt Bag

I promised myself I was going to sew something this summer, even if only once, [...]

Projects. Pie. Pancakes.

When you live in the center of Europe having a house guest for a couple [...]