The Man Scarf

My business mainly focuses on scarves, and hoodie hats, for women. I create my products of my own accord, but I also welcome special orders. The special order branch of my business often affords me the opportunity to make accessories for men and children.

The past has proven that my, seldom heard from, male audience prefers the hoodie hat to the scarf. But as with all fashion trends, the man-scarf comes and goes. This season I am wondering if the man-scarf may be back in full force. I am pleased to say that I have had two orders, thus far, for the man-scarf. Here’s the first.

Deer Scarf for ManIt’s a long scarf, which is new for me, but this particular customer wanted to be able to wrap it, traditionally. I always thought it was the shape of the scarf, and the buttons, that made a scarf a Florida Scarf. I was a bit hesitant about taking the request. But after making this special order I look at my work in a new light. Despite the normal size and shape of this piece; I think it looks very much like a Florida Scarf. The fabric composition is interesting, and it features a unique decorative element in its design. In actuality, I had a lot of fun with this scarf. The larger size gives me the opportunity to be more creative, or more detailed in my creativity.

In the initial phase of making this scarf I had to research measurements. In having never made a traditional scarf I had no idea how long, or wide, it was supposed to be. So, like any modern human, I googled it. My research led me to a terribly amusing article. It’s for men, and it’s about the ins-and-outs of scarf-wearing. I felt the need to share it.

I mean, seriously, how could any man doubt his ability to wear a scarf after getting advice from a website titled The Art of Manliness?

My only regret, in writing this article, is that I do not have a fan photo of my man customer in his man scarf. If I did, I could add it to the Fan Photo Album.

Maybe there is still time.