Couch Crafting

friendship bracelets

Laid up?

Read too many books? Watched too many documentaries? Bored?

So pregnant you can’t stand up for longer than 15 minutes and you can only sit straight-up long enough to eat a meal?

Me too.

So I’ve taken up crafting from my couch. My first project was relearning how to make friendship bracelets. They are pretty trendy right now so it is simple to find tutorials anywhere on the web. I was delighted how easy it is to knot embroidery thread while in a reclined position.

Yes. I made two tiny bracelets for the twinnies.

As of tomorrow the twins and I will be in our last ten days of incubation. That’s roughly 120 hours of couch time. If you’ve got any ideas for quick couch crafts please let me know.