IMG_2408The sleeping of my babes grows more erratic with each day. And I grow ever more exasperated, as I was under the impression the opposite should be true.

Nonetheless, there was a miracle afternoon last week where they actually napped for over an hour. I didn’t nap too. I didn’t clean. I didn’t prepare dinner. I didn’t stretch. I broke out my pencils and markers and made a new drawing.

It’s not ground breaking but I am rather pleased with myself.

The subject for the drawing is a mom’s-eye-view of my afternoon walk. The daily walk is a practice closest to my heart, as it is the only reason I maintain sanity.

A week has gone by since I made this simple, yet rejuvenating creation. And there hasn’t been one since. The pencils are collecting dust again, and the drawing pad has been piled over with board books, dirty bibs, and junk mail. I look forward to its future exhumation.