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It’s a bit late to write this, but… I hope everyone out there had a [...]


Oliver will be 7 years old this month. 6 years and 11 months ago, old [...]

What Happens Here Matters.

Nadya works. She loves her job. She is very good at it. Nadya finds love. [...]

Books We Like

A lot of books get read in my house. We read before nap, read before [...]

A Boy and His Dog

I’ve got some new work to share, my first major painting since I’ve been back [...]

The Plant Pledge

At the start of 2017, I claimed that I would write a blog post a [...]


I am a painter, so I have a lot of paintings hanging in my house. [...]

Art from an iPad

At the beginning of last month I wrote a post about how I was getting [...]


The sleeping of my babes grows more erratic with each day. And I grow ever [...]

The Gardener’s Hut on the Lake

A new painting is complete. It’s a depiction of a scene I saw often while [...]

Back in the Saddle

According to this blog it’s been almost two months since I’ve done anything creative. You [...]

Running Sneakers

I have finished another painting in the series for the book I have been working [...]


Great St. Hubert, bless all who gather here in this
 natural setting, whose aim is [...]

A Book Review

I participated in a book review for the first time. The book is called Coming [...]

Inspired Friday, Winter Dreaming

  Laax, Switzerland. An almost-secret ski resort resting in the Swiss Alps. I describe it [...]

Inspired Friday

This is a recent drawing I made of the Hohenschwangau Castle. I took a trip [...]

Neon Austrian Landscape.

This is my Austria. It certainly is not a traditional illustration of the peaceful Eastern [...]

Paintings in Print

In preparations for my week of selling my art and craft at the PX,  I [...]

You’re Under Arrest

Stopping time is impossible. Stopping for a moment in time and arresting a beautiful image [...]

The Jersey Shore

My fun, punky, painting of the New Jersey Coast is finished.   If you read [...]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  This is a photograph I took two years ago with my iphone while at [...]

Lebkuchenherzen…a painting.

That’s a big German word. Isn’t it? It means heart shaped ginger bread cookie. Now [...]