Art from an iPad

Rusty Coil Spring Flowers

At the beginning of last month I wrote a post about how I was getting back to sketching. That was the one and only sketch I was able to finish that month. Just when I think I’ve got a handle on motherhood, and I’ve got time to get back to me, the babies and their schedule gets all crazy and demanding all over again. I’m right back to square one, feeling like all I ever do is everything for the babies and the family and nothing for me, and there’s got to be a way for me to squeeze art in too. I keep telling myself that if I’m as clever and resolute as I think I am, I’d be able to find a solution.

I’m still keeping up with my #interestingtrash project on Instagram. But I’ve not been able to shake the feeling that I don’t just want to take pictures with my phone as my creative outlet. It isn’t enough. It’s like a granola bar when I really need to eat a meal.

So my latest idea for making art is to use an app on an iPad. I’m not super-into graphic art. In fact, I’ve never been into digi-art at all. That said, I recently acquired a hand-me-down iPad and coincidentally read some reviews on great art apps…and voilà…the idea was born.

I’m using the free app called Bamboo Paper. I’m four sketches in, and I think my skills have already greatly improved. The above creation is #4, the below creation is #1. Yikes.Man with an X

My next step is to purchase an actual stylus, so I’m not just drawing with my finger. Slow and steady wins the race however, and I wasn’t just going to get an idea and run out and spend money and then not get any further. So far I haven’t spent any money, but with my nickels and dimes of time I have begun a new habit. I’ve told myself that with a bit more time invested I’ll be able to purchase the pen.

Creatively speaking this is a new frontier for me. In the past I have always focused on large projects with a definite result. While I was always working, I was never really exploring or practicing. I’m pretty jazzed to see where all of this sketching is going to take me…even if it’s nowhere. (which I realize is actually impossible) My mom recently shared a quote with me which I enjoyed and can apply to this scenario. I think Elizabeth Gilbert said or wrote it, and it goes something like, “Everything you create isn’t going to be a masterpiece.” In fact, most of it could be junk, but the only other alternative I see is to make nothing at all.

And that doesn’t make sense.

So if you’d like to follow me on this project I suggest you follow me on Pinterest. It is the most appropriate place I can think to house these drawings. When I think of it I will probably share the pictures on my FB page as well, but it will be fewer in between.