Ugly Homemade Toys for Your Babies

Kitchen Play

Despite being a busy mom of twins I somehow find an impressive amount of time to waste on Pinterest. Pinterest and Facebook. I don’t know which is worse, but at least ideas for productivity are more prevalent on Pinterest. And while we Pinteresters love to stockpile new crockpot recipes and freezer meals, there is also an abundance of DIY projects. In particular I have been drawn to unique ways to entertain my children. I have documented a few of my homemade toys below.

string box toy

string box toy

They are without a doubt the most visually unappealing items, but they do keep the babes distracted for 15 minutes. And when I get 15 minutes without a baby crying or wanting to crawl on me, that’s a good 15 minutes. I realized early on in the game that it doesn’t matter how cute the toy looks that determines how interested the baby will be in it. It matters more if the toy looks dangerous or dirty. So I figured an old box with lots of strings on it should fit the criterion.

Homemade Rattle

In addition to the string boxes I have also made the babies some rattles. These are great because it is lots of tiny, colorful pieces (that they could easily choke on) stuffed into bottles. The babies are attracted to the movement of the colors, the obnoxious sound, and they seem to think that if they chew long enough they will be able to get the top off. The top is glued shut. The jokes on them.

So while the girls do have genuine baby toys that are splendid, I ‘ve got to mix it up. And the these ugly homemade toys are sometimes just the break they need from the monotony of the safe and the adorable. They’ve got to bang on pots and pans. They’ve got to play with refuse. Just don’t try to trick them into loving laundry.
I hate laundry