That’s right. I’m forty now. I like to spell out the word. It looks way cooler than 40.

So far, forty feels pretty good. I like it better than 30, and it’s way cooler than 20. (forget 20) I wanted to put this in print for all the guys and dolls who will be turning 40 after me. Don’t worry, it’s much more refreshing than you’d think.

I had a lot of people reach out to me for this milestone, and I received a few more gifts than normal. I loved it!! I think it was particularly great because I wasn’t expecting it. I thought I would just muddle through the day, but I didn’t. It actually felt like a holiday; which is nothing short of a miracle since my family is 8 weeks into a deployment. Being the only adult in the house is exhausting. Because of that I set my expectations for the day really low, and boy was I surprised! I am truly thankful to all the individuals that made it such a great day for me.

I don’t often journal about my birthdays, but this one was totally fun…and the gifts were great. I thought I could share some of my favorites in the event anyone still needs to get their mom a gift for Mother’s Day. (or a fortieth birthday present for a friend)

Now this is where I will choose to end my Gift Gallery even though the spoils abound. I hope you enjoyed my showcase and it has inspired you to spoil the ones you love.

Goodbye for now my friends. look forward to writing to you again soon.