Love at the Beach

Love at the Beach

Raise your hand if your best memories are from the Jersey Shore.

Depending on how many of my old friends and family are reading this, that may be a large number of you. I love the beaches of New Jersey. They make me think of swimming, tanning, castles, and seafood dinners. They also make me think of reunions and celebrations, sunrises and after-sunsets. Unfortunately I do not have just one favorite. My memories come from L.B.I., Wildwood, Ocean City, Sea Isle City, and Mannasquan. But if you made me, if you really forced me, to pick one…I might have to pick Mannasquan. (even though the best pizza’s in Wildwood) (and the best music’s in Asbury)

The image featured above is the inaugural painting for my current season of commissioned works. It is a portrait of a couple seated in front of the dunes at Long Beach Island. When the request for this painting came to me I was truly overjoyed. Getting to paint people in their happy place puts me in my happy place.

(Since I first put out the feelers for people who might be interested in a painting by me, a lot of you reached out. I want you to know how much I appreciate the support. My appreciation goes deeper than you will ever know. I am delighted to have challenges and projects to keep me focused during the deployment. Beyond that I am excited to grow my skills, and my portfolio. I hope everyone will continue to stay tuned as I unveil a diverse body of work through the coming months.)

Memorial Day weekend is when everything at the beaches of New Jersey opens up. To all of my hommies getting after it this weekend, please know that I am with you in spirit. I hope the banners are flying, the lobster is shelled, and the fudge-wudgy is priced right.

Now you know if you read this, you have an opinion of the best beach on the planet. Jersey or not, I’ve got to know what it is.

Leave a comment and let me know…

Do you have a memory with me at the beach? We would all enjoy reading that too…

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  1. Aunt Fran says:

    Your painting is Brilliant! My heart is in LBI! Too many heartfelt memories to recount in this space. My summers in Barnegat Light made me the Salty Dog I am today. LOVE YOU and cherish your creations!! (Artistic and offspring)

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